​​​​Erika Hodges


Fur Babies: Josie, Russell, Higgins

I am an extreme dog mom with a passion for craft beer. I have dreamed of finding a career working with dogs while keeping community at the forefront of every venture. I am a travel and tattoo enthusiast with love of the hoppiest of beverages.

Pup House began because dog-friendly entertainment in Mid-Michigan is so limited. I spend way too much time calling bars to see if their patios are dog-friendly or convincing friends to come to my house instead of going out because I didn't want to leave my dogs behind. The more I talked with other dog owners, the more I realized I am not alone. 

I wanted to be the solution to the question, "Can I bring my dog?"

I value strong relationships with local nonprofits and considered how Pup House could serve them throughout business planning. I am a community member first and will create a venue unlike any other where dogs and humans are given an opportunity to share a night out!


The support so far as been incredible. I can't wait to see where this journey takes us, Pup House Pack! 


Erika Hodges

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