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Dogs need homes and humans need dogs. 

We will give space, money, and time to dog shelters and rescues in the area because we understand the limited resources our non-profit neighbors have, and we will do our philanthropic part by providing these resources. With a shared love for the human-canine connection, nothing is more important than making sure each and every dog has its day. By partnering with shelters and rescues and providing free rental spaces and event amenities, we will maximize the number of dogs adopted annually in the state of Michigan. We will work with our partners to end breed discrimination by not limiting our members to nonsensical rules about breed stereotypes. Service dogs and therapy dogs will enjoy the same amenities as all members with a reduced cost, so those special members can enjoy the best off-leash experience the nation has to offer.



We are committed to offering local beer as a beverage top priority and partnering with small business for coffee, food, and retail options. We want to build a network of dog-lovers that are motivated to create new alternatives to dog-friendly entertainment options!  By partnering with breweries, vet clinics, and small businesses, we expect to put Mid-Michigan on the map for dog-friendly places to live and visit! 

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