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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Pup House open?

Is there alcohol at Pup House?

We are not able to have alcohol at pop-up events, but once a permanent location is decided then we will purchase a liquor license and have a full bar.

My dog is too young to be spayed or neutered, are they exempt from the rules?

Unfortunately, no. All dogs must be spayed/neutered regardless of age to enter an off-leash area hosted by Pup House. We understand there are many reasons for waiting on spay or neutering your dog or not at all, but we can not have un-altered dogs co-mingling. While your dog may be well-behaved, other dogs could respond poorly to dog's that aren't fixed and we want to keep your dog safe. Always speak with your veterinarian to determined the best age for your dog to be spayed/neutered. We will have private reservation space available at some pop-up parks and at our permanent location for dogs that don't meet membership requirements.


What if I don't have a dog?

All humans are allowed to enjoy Pup House!


Pup House understands that because of your busy schedule, housing restrictions, or financial strain that your dog-loving self might not be able to have a dog yet. Pup House gives all dog-loving humans the chance to be surrounded by fluffy happiness and drink beer all in one place. Also, we believe that dogs aid in mental health which aligns with our values as a business. 

Why aren't kids allowed?

Dogs often are big and clumsy and our Pup House pack is allowed to be big and clumsy. Unfortunately, small humans can accidentally be injured by off-leash dogs. At private reservations, kids may be allowed- safety will be up to the group who makes the reservation.

Can I have my party at Pup House when you open?

Yes, and you should. 

Will I be able to bring more than one dog to Pup House?

You can have up to 4 dog members per household at Pup House. Please visit our membership details to find out more. No more than 2 dogs per person at pop-up events.

What does the socialization dog test involve?

TBD. We will be working with local vets and trainers to create the best socialization test for members.

Is my dog's breed allowed?

We do not discriminate against ANY breed of dog. Your dog will be required to meet the membership requirements which include vetting and socialization. There is no weight limit and

WE LOVE OUR BULLY BREEDS. If you want to sit at the bar with an 80lb. pit bull on your lap then we say, cheers friend! 

Does my dog need all their vaccines to be a member?

YES! Safety is our top priority. Please review the membership guidelines for full vetting requirements. 

Do you plan to be open year-round?

Yes! Michigan weather can't stop us or the dogs from frolicking in nature. However, we will need your support in order to open our doors and stay open yearly. Please see how you can help us reach this goal.

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